Your ultimate Sleep
challenge tip 5

Hello again, sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good nights sleep. If the reason was that you had trouble falling asleep, this next tip is a great one for you.

Here is our 5th Sleep challenge tip for you.


Sleep challenge tip 5:

If you're lying awake in bed and can't fall asleep. Get out of bed!

It’s important to get your body and brain to think of your bed as a place to sleep.

So if you’re struggling to fall asleep, press the reset button. Get out of bed and don’t go back unless you’re really ready for sleep.

Instead, sit in a chair and read a book under low light. When your eyelids start to feel heavy, go back to your room. Repeat as many times as you need to until your body gets the message that bed is for sleep.

This type of bed restriction is the foundation of cognitive behavioural therapy for treating insomnia

This challenge is for people who can’t fall asleep so, if you don’t have this problem, instead work on reinforcing one of the previous tips that you’re struggling with!

Good luck and keep an eye on your inbox for your next sleep tip.

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