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Getting enough quality sleep allows you to awaken your best. Your SleepScore™ can help you.

There’s nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed, alert and ready to start a new day. Just like a wholesome diet and regular exercise, getting enough sleep is an essential part of looking after your overall health. But, how do you judge the quality of your sleep? Through the SleepScore app!

The SleepScore app uses a scientific-based approach to track your sleep patterns every night which helps you get the sleep you need to feel your best the following day. Measuring your breath and body movements, you’ll receive details about each stage of your sleep in a score calculated from 0-100, which you can then track over time and make improvements to always awaken your best.

The SleepScore App
A revolutionary free app that tracks, analyses and delivers science-backed advice for sleep improvement using only your smartphone.
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Your journey towards better sleep begins the first night you use SleepScore. Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing rate and body movement, SleepScore provides insight into your sleep environment and delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep.

Science-backed tips

Based on your sleep data, you will receive personalised advice and recommendations for improving sleep and discover products that have helped thousands of others with a sleep profile similar to yours. Once your sleep goals are achieved, SleepScore helps you maintain restful nights so you may feel better, look better and live better.

See your progress

Track your score over time to see how your sleep is improving and spot trends that can help keep you on the path to consistently great sleep!

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Benefits of the SleepScore App

Track and understand your sleep
Wind down sounds to help you relax
Wake up refreshed with an inbuilt smart alarm
Learn about your sleep stages and overall sleep score

“Since I started SleepScore, I've noticed a clearer head and more focus. I'm sleeping better and feeling energized when I wake up. Highly recommend this app.”