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Help us by volunteering for our trials where you can be the first to test and provide feedback on our next generation of products.

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About ResMed Clinical Research

What is the Trials Registry?

Our registry is a database of volunteers that we may contact from time to time, based on the needs of research. During sign-up, you will be asked for information that will be used to contact you by our Research team. 

Who can participate?

Clinical research is open to adults of all ages in Australia. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to join whether you have a sleep/respiratory condition or not.


Testimonials from research

It's our mission to improve our products to help all people to awaken their best. Hear what our previous participants and clinicians have to say about clinical research with ResMed.

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How to be part of clinical research

Step 1

Read the ResMed Information Statement to make sure you understand and agree with what we do with your information prior to signing up. Then click below to sign up for ResMed Clinical Research.

Step 2 

The ResMed Research team will contact you via SMS, phone, and/or email when a suitable research opportunity becomes available via the provided contact information from the registry.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the study and where is it conducted?

Studies can be face-to-face, online, or mailed out. Most studies require a single visit other studies require products to be taken home and trialled, these studies typically are 2-3 visits however it will depend on the research question. Each study has its own Information sheet that clearly states the commitment. Face to face visits are typically in Sydney.  Online or mail out studies can be anywhere in Australia.

What is expected from me?

The number one thing we require is your feedback, and opinion to ensure we are servicing our customers the best we can. These trials evaluate our designs and are never a test of you. Questions we ask typically involve whether you can understand the instructions, and whether you can use the device as the designer intended. Each study has a participant information and consent sheet that explains in detail what is expected.  Study participation is always voluntary.

What is my data used for?

If you volunteer to register on the ResMed Trials Registry,  we will collect your personal information and may collect your health information from or about you to provide us with feedback aimed at improving product innovation and the patient experience, as well as to help us make treatment options more effective. We use de-identified information for research and analysis purposes. For full details, please read our Information Statement and Privacy Policy

Are clinical trials safe?

All trials require an assessment of risk. All risks will be explained in our Participant Information and Consent Sheet which is tailored for each study. 

Do I have to pay for a research trial?

Participating in the registry is voluntary, free of charge and without obligation. In some circumstances, you may be reimbursed for your time and participation.  In that case, the amount will be specified in the study specific Participant Information and Consent sheet.