Is insomnia keeping you up at night?


Sleep soundly and feel empowered to embrace the day by sinking into a good night’s sleep. Imagine the feeling of climbing into your comfy bed, drifting easily off to sleep, and sleeping soundly all night to awaken refreshed and full of energy to face a new day.

Just about everyone has the occasional bad night’s sleep, but when poor sleep becomes the norm, it may affect your life in lots of different ways.1 Your weight, your work, your relationships, and your enjoyment of life can all improve with good, regular sleep.2

You deserve to feel your best with the energy to live each day to its full potential. So if you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, it’s time to work out why easy, restful sleep isn’t happening for you and we recommend speaking to your healthcare professional. Discover how to treat your insomnia so you can awaken your best self.

You’re not alone - 30% of people have disturbed sleep at one time or another.3 Insomnia can take a variety of forms.

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Poor sleep habits, stress, medications, life stages and lifestyle 4 can all contribute to your poor sleep.

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Understand the most common signs and symptoms of insomnia. How many can you relate to?

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Take the first step towards getting a good night’s sleep and find ways to help treat your insomnia.

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Time to sleep better

Lack of sleep is a silent epidemic. Our brains and bodies need regular healthy sleep.

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Good sleep is essential to good health

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Source: Roth T. Insomnia: definition, prevalence, etiology, and consequences. J Clin Sleep Med. 2007 Aug 15;3(5 Suppl):S7-10. PMID: 17824495; PMCID: PMC1978319.