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Ready for a good night's sleep? Simply print out the referral form below and take it to your doctor to start your journey.

Your doctor will send us your completed referral and check if you qualify for a Medicare rebated home sleep test. One of our friendly sleep coaches will then call you to book a time for you to collect and learn about your test.

The home sleep test takes only one night, and it's all done in the comfort of your own home. After you return it, a sleep physician will look at your results and send a report to your doctor.

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Please print and take the following referral form to your doctor to complete. You'll then need to bring this same form to your appointment with us to pick up your home sleep test.

For Healthcare Professionals

Doctor Instructions

Electronic referral forms for GP and Specialist practice management software can be found below. Please click on the appropriate links to download the installation instructions, referral form and user guide.

Step 1: Click 'Installation Instructions' to find out how to install the referral form template into your preferred practice management software.

Step 2: Click 'Referral Form Template' to save the template onto your preferred practice management software.

Step 3: Click 'Template User Guide' for instructions on how to access and use the referral template in preferred practice management software.

*Please note, do not open the referral form specific to the practice management software outside of their respective software.

If you experience any issues or if you would like to request a printed referral pad, please email us at

To print out and complete a PDF Referral form, click on the Universal Referral form below:

Print a PDF Referral form

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