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It's always a good time to check how well you're sleeping, especially if you're waking up tired or snoring. Better sleep leads to a life better lived. Your journey starts with these basic steps.

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Brad Fittler, NRL legend

One of the most talented icons in rugby league, Brad Fittler shares with ResMed the belief that sleep counts as much as diet and exercise for peak physical health and mental wellbeing.

Brad Fittler made his first-grade footy debut at the age of 17, in the same year ResMed was founded, and quickly rose to become one of the game’s best champions. Admired throughout for his athleticism and trademark sidestep, 'Freddy’ was a leading player in the NRL for over a decade. His achievements include 2 national league premierships, a Golden Boot in 2000 and 22 wins from 25 tests as Australian captain.

Fittler now works as a popular league commentator and has made incredible success as the current head coach of the NSW Blues, winning the last two State of Origin series. Aiming for his third consecutive title, he is the perfect embodiment of ResMed’s values and slogan: ‘Awaken your best’.

Sleep Ambassador news
As a ResMed Sleep Ambassador, Brad Fittler is constantly looking at ways to promote sleep within the community. The following articles discuss some of the work he is doing, as well as relevant insights and updates on sleep health and wellbeing where he is involved.
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Brad Fittler is not only one of the best rugby league players ever but also one of the most successful Origin coaches, with back-to-back series triumphs in the past two seasons.
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How to sleep and breathe like Brad Fittler
From his on-field brilliance to his lively TV commentary, league legend Brad Fittler has always operated a bit differently to others.
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We know sleep is easy to neglect, but getting a good night's sleep is as important as diet and exercise for your health and wellbeing. It's also a lot easier than you think. These simple tips might just make all the difference to your sleep.

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Your body and mind depend on a good night's sleep for your physical and mental health as well as your quality of life.1 While we sleep many important functions take place that helps the body to repair itself.

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