Real patient stories

Our CPAP users and customers inspire us every day. In this space, we proudly share the stories and advice of people living with snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP therapy – in their own words.

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From one patient to another

A diagnosis of sleep apnea can come as a surprise. Hearing from others living with the condition can be a helpful way to learn about it and build confidence toward getting it treated.

Meet our patients

No two sleep apnea journeys are alike. Each of the following stories is unique, unscripted and comes from real people who have volunteered their time to share their experiences with us.




Bill's story

Bill often felt exhausted and even fell asleep during conversations. His positive experience with CPAP therapy has inspired his son and other family members to receive testing and treatment.



Steve’s story: a new life

When Steve was first diagnosed with sleep apnea 10 years ago, he ignored it. But a few years later, his wife convinced him to start CPAP therapy; it has changed his life.


Pete and Vic’s story: a couple’s journey

Although Pete’s snoring due to suspected sleep apnea has been an issue for his wife and family, getting diagnosed and starting CPAP therapy remains a work in progress.



Dianne's Story

Meet Dianne from the Sunshine Coast, who started CPAP therapy to help treat her severe obstructive sleep apnea. After embracing treatment, she experienced remarkable results and was able to say goodbye to her constant fatigue.

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