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The sleep tracker for everyone*

You are as unique as your sleep cycles. Track your sleep patterns to understand your sleep quality, gaps in breathing and get tips from a ResMed sleep coach to get help with your sleep habits 


A contactless snoring detector

Track your sleep in the comfort of your home

Use the myNight sleep tracker for 3 continuous days, and the results are a clinically validated3 sleep test using the power of sonar to track your breathing and snoring. All this in the comfort of your own home, without extra equipment.  


For further support, simply contact us and we’ll connect you to a sleep coach. 

Unique app features

Your sleep companion

Sleep Tracking

Daily sleep reports provide detailed metrics to help you identify what areas of sleep you can improve.

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Breathing pauses

With the use of the silent, sonar technology, the app is able to measure any breathing pauses made throughout the night.

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Light Sleep Alarm

Waking up at the appropriate sleep stage with Light Sleep Alarms may help people wake up feeling more refreshed.1,2

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*myNight is intended to be used by adults 18 years old and above.

† ResMed Sleep Coaches are sales and customer service representatives who have received training in sleep health. They can give general information about sleep health, sleep disorders and products that may help improve your sleep. They are not qualified healthcare professionals and cannot provide medical advice.

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