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The 4 most popular ResMed CPAP masks of 2022


ResMed offers a variety of popular masks for different kinds of CPAP users. Mask offerings from the ResMed AirFit series have been among the most recommended masks for quite some time. Established masks such as AirFit F20 and AirFit P10 have led their market segments for years. And now new masks such as AirFit F30i and AirFit N30i have been attracting a growing group of users with their top-of-head tube design.


This review will discuss the design, comfort, and performance of the masks mentioned above and weigh up each of their benefits.

1. AirFit N30i nasal cradle mask and AirFit F30i ultra-compact full face mask

Why has ResMed introduced a top-of-head tube design? Freedom. The benefit of this design is that the air tubing stays out of sight and away from the face. What's more, with the tubing attached to a swivel elbow, users can sleep on their side or stomach comfortably.

AirFit N30i and AirFit F30i also introduce brand new cushion designs that sit under the nose – not on it. An under-the-nose cushion eliminates the risk of markings on the nasal bridge and can even help users sleep closer to their bed partner.

With a self-adjusting frame, these 'Freedom' masks hug the face well but not tight enough to cause any discomfort. Users who find traditional masks with a front-end tube challenging will enjoy these masks for the added freedom they bring to therapy.

2. AirFit F20 full face mask

Since its launch, AirFit F20 has delivered on its promise to "easily fit them and everyone in between." And indeed, it has been tested to fit up to a remarkable 96% of all users.1,2

While it has a traditional front-end tube design, the mask is packed with features to make therapy as positive an experience as possible. For example, quick-release magnetic clips to help get the mask on and off, and an InfinitySeal cushion to eliminate mask blow-outs.

Bed partners will be glad to know that AirFit F20 includes ResMed's patented QuietAir vent to minimise noise and disturbance at night. QuietAir vent also makes AirFit F20 the quietest full face mask on the market.

3. AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask

ResMed's best-selling mask AirFit P10 is small, light and a proven winner. It offers the most discreet look of all AirFit masks and is ideal for users who want minimal facial contact and maximum visual freedom.

Putting on the AirFit P10 takes little effort, and once it's on, it's no wonder why the mask has been so popular – it's very comfortable. The nasal pillows fit snugly, and the split-strap headgear provides an adjustable, personalised fit.

Another thing to appreciate is AirFit P10's three-piece design, which makes daily cleaning and assembly quick and easy.

Which one should you choose?

With all ResMed masks designed to perform well, the right choice depends less on therapy needs and more on lifestyle preferences.

Whether it's freedom, universal fit or simplicity, the AirFit line up has mask categories and options to fit every bill. The number of solid masks available now makes this year as good a time as any to upgrade to a better CPAP experience.

Need help finding the right mask?

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ResMed AirFit F20 internal Australian fitting study of 27 existing CPAP patients, conducted between March–April 2016.


ResMed AirFit F20 internal USA fitting study of 34 existing CPAP patients, conducted in April 2016.

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