ResMed mask categories: a quick guide to finding your ideal mask


Choosing the right mask is crucial to CPAP therapy success. Our mask categories can help you to understand the key benefits of each mask in our range, so you can pick one that suits you best.
Every ResMed mask is designed to deliver effective therapy and a comfortable night’s sleep, but each mask category offers something a little different – take a look.

Minimalist category - Small. Light. Simple.

If you appreciate less mask on the face, the choice is simple. Our minimalist category features masks that are small, lightweight and discreet. They are ideal if you want something that won’t affect your ability to see in bed, like when you are reading or watching TV.

Freedom category - Sleep and move comfortably.

Masks in our freedom category feature a top-of-head connection, keeping the air tubing out of sight and out of the way. These masks enable you to comfortably move around at night and sleep in many positions, be it on your back, side or stomach.

Ultra Soft category - Patented memory foam offers unique comfort.

Mask discomfort is the top reason CPAP users stop therapy.1 Our Ultra Soft category is designed to change that. These masks feature our patented memory foam cushion, which is softer than silicone and may lessen the potential for red marks and irritation.

Universal fit category - Classic designs that fit nearly every face.

Why are ResMed AirFit™ F20 and AirFit N20 our most popular full face and nasal masks? Because you can depend on them to seal well under variable pressures. With a fit range of 96% for AirFit™ F20 and 99% for AirFit N202-5, you can choose one of these masks with confidence.

If you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Book an online consult or visit us in-store and use these mask categories as a conversation starter with one of our sleep coaches. They will be in the best position to help you find the most suitable ResMed mask for your needs.

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1 ResMed AirTouch™ F20 rescue study: 30-day assessment of 30 participants who intended to quit CPAP therapy with prescribed mask at balance. Jan 15, 2018 to Feb 22, 2018 in San Diego, CA.

2 ResMed AirFit F20 internal Australian fitting study of 27 existing CPAP patients, conducted between March–April 2016.

3 ResMed AirFit F20 internal USA fitting study of 34 existing CPAP patients, conducted April 2016.

4 ResMed AirFit F20 internal EU and APAC fitting study of 90 existing CPAP patients, conducted June 2016.

5 ResMed AirFit N20 internal international fitting study of 159 existing CPAP patients, conducted Nov 2015.

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