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Working from home and sleeping well too


Working from home has long been an excellent workplace policy, especially for parents and people who need to travel a fair way to work. Now amid social distancing, many companies have made the dream available for everyone.

Although it sounds easy, it's not. Forget about tea, naps and telly. It's a whole new world that takes a lot of planning and commitment. Yes, you may be able to put a load of laundry on and make a yummy chicken risotto for lunch. However, you'll need to remain focused and make up any time lost to ensure you stick to your professional responsibilities.

You might find working from home and sleeping where you work a bit of a challenge too. And if you're stressing and losing sleeping due to all the disruption, you might need a bit of help. Here are a few tips on how to work from home and maintain healthy sleep:

  1. Set aside space for work only

We've all worked on the couch and bed before, but it can cause issues. If you blur the boundaries between work and rest, you may not be as productive when you work or as relaxed when your rest.

  1. Maintain a consistent sleep routine

You may be using the extra time and flexibility to get a bit of extra sleep each day. The crucial thing is to wake up and go to bed at the same time each day, give or take 20 minutes. You'll be more productive for it.

  1. Do most of your work between business hours

The wise warning to not take your work home with you should still apply, even if not in the literal sense now. While a bit of overtime early in the morning or before dinner is fine, taking your laptop to bed is not.

  1. Minimise blue light from your screens

If you're on your computer all day, you should consider using a screen filter or blue light glasses to reduce your exposure to blue light. Blue light in the evenings can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

  1. Avoid having too much caffeine

It's easy to have endless cups of coffee or tea at home, but it doesn't mean you should. If you fuel up too much, you may stay awake longer than you wish. Why not try herbal tea for a more refreshing drink?

While some of you may have had a taste of working from home, this time it's for an extended period. There are plenty of benefits but also dangers. While you can work just about any way you want. It's not the same when it comes to sleep.

With sleep, a regular routine is the only way to give your body the adequate rest it needs to repair your body and boost your immune system. Now’s the best time to give it a go.


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