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Why, when and how to replace your CPAP mask


Think of your CPAP mask as if it were a new car; you need to service each of its parts at the right times to get it to perform at its best. Similarly, the parts that make up your mask need servicing too. Knowing when and how to care for them is essential for optimal therapy.  
One of the most crucial things to do is to keep your mask clean so that it continues to seal well. Typically, you should clean the mask cushion and tubing daily and the mask frame and headgear weekly. Your mask’s user guide will tell you exactly when and how to clean each part. 

The why 

Here are some of the reasons why you should ensure that your equipment is kept in the best condition: 

CPAP therapy – replacing parts on a regular basis, as per the guidelines, will help provide you with effective sleep therapy treatment. 

Improved seal – new parts enable a clean and complete seal for your equipment, eliminating mask leaks. 

Healthier skin – replacing your cushion or nasal pillow as recommended will ensure fresh and clean surfaces touch your face. 

Increased comfort – replacing the parts as per the guidelines will improve comfort while sleeping with the mask on. 

The when 

As with anything that we use often, we should expect some general wear and tear on our CPAP mask. But it’s also important to regularly inspect it to check if it needs replacing. Here’s all the information you need on how to ensure your mask performs at its best and the signs that it’s time to replace its parts. 

The cushion or nasal pillow 

The general recommendation is that you should replace the silicone cushions every 6 months and memory foam cushions every month. This is because, of all the parts of your equipment, your cushion has the most contact with your skin, leading to dirt, oil and bacteria building up.  Over this period, the cushion might have lost its elasticity and become discoloured. These are also signs that the cushion is degrading. 

The mask frame 

This is the part that connects your mask cushion to your headgear. Although the frame doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin, it does still become exposed to dirt and bacteria build-up, so it’s recommended that this part of your mask is replaced every six months. If, however, the frame is bent or misshapen, it should be replaced straight away. 

The headgear and straps 

If you often find yourself tightening and re-tightening the straps of your mask, this is a clear sign that the elasticity in the straps is diminishing. And if your mask isn’t fitting snugly around your nose and mouth each night, the air pressure will suffer. The guideline for replacing the headgear and straps is every six months.

The tubing 

You should be replacing your CPAP tube once every twelve months. That’s because a CPAP tube can develop tiny cracks and tears with frequent use that result in air leaks. Plus, the tube can harbour dirt and bacteria, particularly if there’s condensation inside. 

The how

So, as you can see, there’s quite a fair bit to remember when it comes to replacing the various parts of your CPAP mask. With each part requiring replacement at different times, it can all be quite confusing. 

To make it easier, we’ve designed ResMed EZ Smart Care, a subscription plan that takes the hassle of mask maintenance by scheduling replacement parts on a regular basis, as per the guidelines, for you.  

That means you can enjoy having all the items you need for ongoing therapy scheduled and delivered to your door. Think of it as if it was a gym membership. We look after the equipment, so you can focus on looking after yourself. ResMed EZ – it’s a brand new and modern way to go on CPAP. 


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