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What are breathing pauses? - myNight app


ResMed myNight app home screenThe ResMed myNight™ app for your smartphone can determine the number of breathing pauses you experience during the night.

As the name might suggest, breathing pauses refers to the number of times you stopped breathing while you were asleep. If you exhibit more than 5 instances per hour during the night, it may indicate breathing troubles while resting.

It should come as no surprise that a good night's sleep can lead to many health benefits, including better concentration, increased energy levels and a sense of wellbeing.

Poor sleep, however, can lead to less desirable effects, such as memory issues, weight gain and increased irritability. The alarming thing is that poor sleep often goes unnoticed. It’s why it is so important to have your sleep monitored and assessed – which myNight app can do.

myNight breathing pauses

The revolutionary myNight app can track and measure your breathing throughout the night by recording you while sleeping. Using the app will help determine how many times your breathing has paused and if you were snoring throughout the night.

Snoring may be indicative of an underlying sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Once the app has monitored your breathing patterns, it will determine your risk level, ranging from low to high risk. Using this information, you can put yourself on the right track to getting a better night’s sleep.

Remember you will need a minimum of 4 hours of recording for your results to be displayed.

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