How to talk about snoring with loved ones


Do your loved ones snore at night? 

Are you worried or concerned about their health? Perhaps the lack of sleep is starting to impact you as well.

For some people, snoring can be a touchy subject, but it doesn't have to be that way. You may come to find out that someone you know has it too if you are open about your sleep condition.

Snoring may also be a sign of a more serious health problem. Take this guide to help ease your partner into the conversation of sleep and well-being.

Approach the conversation with caution 

Being told that you’re snoring is disruptive can be as devastating to come to terms with. Take your time before the big chat and make sure you’re conscious of your tone.

Start by explaining that snoring is affecting both of your lives negatively, and make sure your partner understands that you’re bringing it up out of love and kindness because you want what’s best for them – and your relationship!

In addition to being considerate, it’s important that you inform your partner of the real risks of sleep apnea if it’s left untreated and the severe health risks which can come from it, such as stroke, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure3.


Use Supportive Language

While your intention could be for your partner's health, remember to choose your language carefully. Frame it in a way that would help them understand that your concerns are coming from a loving place. Remember that your words hold a lot of power. We recommend avoiding blaming and validating your partners emotions and proposing a solution together. 

Not supportive: You snore loud and it's keeping me up!

Supportive:  I have noticed that you are snoring during the night and it is affecting you during the day. Could you tell me a bit more about how you feel in the morning when you wake up? 

Not supportive: If you don't stop snoring it will drive me crazy

Supportive: I have done a bit of research on the effects of snoring and am concerned about your health. Would you be comfortable if we go to the GP together and see if there's anything I can support you with?


Find Resources That You Can Share 

Being informed is the best pre-emptive step that you can take before talking to your partner. On our site, we have a multitude of videos showing customer experiences and guides that are easily shareable with your loved ones. 

By sharing resources and information with your partner, you can help lead the way for the best treatment or screening options for their snoring. 

Something you can do immediately gets a bulk billed home sleep test, which will help to give you and your partner a thorough understanding of your sleeping issues and what they might be pointing towards. You can do this together with your partner as well, which can help take the fear factor off them.


Be Optimistic

Half of the battle of difficult conversations is to approach it with a positive attitude. Understand that your partner might have negative reactions such as anger or sadness but it is beneficial for both of you to talk about health. Regardless of how the conversation plays out, how you approach it will help your partner understand and take beneficial steps toward their health (and also yours). 


ResMed Online Sleep Assesment

 Take the first step with your partner and start your journey to better sleep right by taking our Online Sleep Assessment. ResMed's Online Sleep Assessment is a quick and free sleep quiz that helps measure the sleep level that you can share with your GP.


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3 accessed 5 July 2019.

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