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Our top 5 most popular CPAP accessories in 2023


In this guide, we'll explore our most popular CPAP accessories so far in 2023. We’ve crunched the numbers to create a list of CPAP machine parts, CPAP mask parts, and other CPAP accessories that our customers have purchased and repurchased over the last year.

Discover why these accessories are favoured by our customers and how they may enhance your CPAP experience.

1. ResMed S9™ and AirSense™ 10 Filters

Why they're popular: Filters are essential CPAP machine parts, designed to ensure that the air you breathe during therapy is clean and free of contaminants. The ResMed S9™ and AirSense™ 10 Filters are designed specifically for their corresponding CPAP machines. They help remove even the tiniest particles, and dust, helping you enjoy a clean and hygienic airflow during sleep. These packs are available in 2 or 12 filters, making it easy to stock up.

It's recommended that you replace the filter every two months to maintain optimal performance of your machine. 

2. ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Cushion

Why it's popular: The AirTouch F20 cushion is a crucial component of the ResMed AirTouch F20 CPAP mask, providing mask comfort and a secure seal. This CPAP mask part features a unique memory foam design that conforms to the contours of your face, offering a personalised, comfortable fit. The cushion's ultra-soft surface is designed to minimise skin irritation and pressure points, helping you to sleep soundly throughout the night. We recommend replacing your cushion monthly to ensure continued comfort.

3. ResMed CPAP Wipes - 62 Pack

Why they're popular: Keeping your CPAP equipment clean is vital for both your health and the longevity of your machine. ResMed CPAP Wipes are a top choice among our customers because they combine convenience with gentle cleaning. These wipes are specially designed for CPAP masks, tubing, and accessories and will gently remove dirt, oils, and other organic residues without hardening or deteriorating any parts. With a pack of 62 wipes, you have enough to maintain hygiene for an extended period, making them a cost-effective solution for busy CPAP users.

4. ResMed AirFit™ F20 Mask Cushion

Why it's popular: The AirFitTM F20 Mask Cushion is enjoyed by our customers for its exceptional comfort and innovative features. Featuring Infinity Seal™ technology, this cushion ensures that the mask moves comfortably with you throughout the night, while providing a secure seal and minimising air leaks.

5. ResMed ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tubing for AirSense 10

Why it's popular: The ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tubing is designed to offer optimal comfort to your CPAP therapy. Popular among users, this CPAP hose ensures that the air delivered to you is at the ideal temperature, reducing the risk of condensation in your mask. The heated feature can help alleviate discomfort caused by cold air, making it easier to adapt to CPAP therapy. It's a game-changer for anyone who struggles with CPAP-induced nasal congestion or dry throat. 

Remember that the key to successful CPAP therapy is consistent use of your CPAP equipment.  Making sure your accessories are in good condition, can help ensure the ongoing comfort of your therapy. Invest in the right accessories (and replenish them regularly where required) to suit your comfort needs and help you get the restful, uninterrupted sleep you deserve with your CPAP machine.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. You should speak to your doctor about your symptoms and whether a CPAP device is suitable for you.


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