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Nothing feels better than freedom: inside ResMed’s AirFit N30i, P30i and F30i


When we released our first freedom mask, the AirFit™ N30i, it was perhaps more innovative than anyone, other than its designers, could have anticipated.

“The aim was to build a super comfortable mask that gave patients a revolutionary sleep experience,” Layale Harb, AirFit N30i’s Product Manager at debut, said.

When designing the freedom range, which now consists of the AirFit N30i, P30i and F30i masks, our designers eschewed all they knew from their previous mask designs and created an entirely brand-new form.

The most striking feature of this form is the top-of-head tube design, where the air tubing connects above a user’s head and not to the front of their face as most CPAP masks typically do.

The benefit of this is that freedom mask users can sleep more easily in any position, including on their side or stomach.

“With the top of the head tube being able to swivel around, users can move with the mask,” Harb said.

Unlike most traditional masks, all freedom masks feature an under-the-nose design to prevent red marks and discomfort from occurring on the nose. This design also results in a smaller profile mask and provides users with greater visual freedom.

Another distinguishing feature of the freedom mask range is that they have a hollow frame, which, as well as self-adjusting to fit a wide range of face types and sizes, it incorporates the air tubing so that air flows through it and down either side of the face.

“There’s also soft sleeves on the outside of the frame itself, which helps to reduce red marks and provide even more comfort,” Harb adds.

Taken on their own merits, each of the design features mentioned above is a cause for intrigue. Together, they make for revolutionary masks that have changed the CPAP therapy experience for some patients.

In fact, early feedback for our freedom range of masks has been overwhelmingly positive. According to user surveys, the AirFit N30i is the most preferred and comfortable mask in its segment.

“It’s given users a series of masks that they feel will help them acclimatise to therapy because it’s something that feels a lot more natural for them,” Harb said.

So, even if you’re already comfortable with your existing CPAP mask, you’d be well-advised to try one from our freedom range. It may just be the perfect fit you’re after.

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