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Improve your sleep and health with this 2-week sleep challenge


Your nightly rest offers you so many health benefits for your mind and body, while helping you to feel energised and productive throughout the day.1

People who get sufficient sleep may feel happier, are more alert, energetic, and are better able to concentrate.1 This is why getting sufficient sleep is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your good health and wellbeing.2

If you’re having difficulties sleeping or not getting enough hours, you could be missing out on all of these essential benefits. 

What can you do to restore good sleep quality?

There are many good habits, tips and tricks to help you restore your sleep and awaken your best, and living in the digital age today, chances are that you’ve already read a few of our other articles on this topic, such as sleep tips to boost your energy.

However, while knowing the solutions is a step in the right direction, it also requires putting better sleep practices into action on a daily basis too.

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to make changes, then perhaps joining our 14 day sleep challenge may help!

Why take the 14 day sleep challenge?

While you may know that getting quality sleep is good for you, sometimes it can be difficult to follow through.3 We’re all busy and with our massive daily to-do lists, sometimes sleep can slip down to the bottom.

However, some people can find compelling motivation in competition!

The 14-day sleep challenge is designed to help you make sleep a priority by offering you guidance, support and measurability over the next two weeks.

If you know that you work best when you hold yourself accountable and you’re able to track your progress, then this sleep challenge is for you!

What does the 14 day sleep challenge involve?

When you sign up for the 14-day challenge, you are making a pledge to yourself to devote more time getting adequate sleep every night. 

Studies show that task-orientated challenges are effective in creating good behavioural outcomes5 – so in this case, getting better sleep to awaken your best. This is why the 14-day sleep challenge consists of offering you daily guidance, information, support and trackable progress to help you on your journey to supercharging your slumber.

Completely private and confidential, only you will be able to see your results and be able to monitor your progress. You’re also only competing against yourself. 

However, if you’re proud of how far you’ve come, by all means – share your excellent results! Who knows who else you will inspire to make a change for the better.

What updates will you receive?

Over the next two weeks you will receive hints and tips to help you improve your sleep habits. Plus, you will get to tell us if it helped you get a better night’s sleep.  You can expect actionable items that will help you to track your progress, develop a healthy sleep routine and guidance on what lifestyle changes may help you sleep better. 

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain – so register yourself below.

Take the 14 Day Sleep Challenge

Do you want to wake up feeling more refreshed? Who doesn’t?

Now that you have the background knowledge, it’s time to give our 14 Day Sleep Challenge a go!

You can sign up for the 14 Day Sleep Challenge here, where you will receive regular emails with quick insights and information about how you can improve the quality of your sleep. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the challenge and discover what you need to do to for a better night’s sleep.

14 Day sleep challenge

Sign up to receive 14 important sleep tips each day and improve your sleeping habits.


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Source: Good sleep = good health. Government of South Australia.
Source: Why do we sleep anyway? Healthy Sleep, Harvard Medical School.
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Good sleep is essential to good health

Awaken your best with the 14 night sleep challenge

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