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How to talk to your family about sleep apnea


It doesn't have to be difficult to talk to your family about sleep apnea

For some people, sleep apnea can be a touchy subject, but it doesn't have to be that way. You may come to find out that someone you know has it too if you are open about your sleep condition.

Or maybe someone can relate to the symptoms you were experiencing before and discover that they have sleep apnea. Finding out what the problem is can be the push that someone needs to start looking into treatment.

All in all, it is beneficial for both parties involved!

Ernest gives us some insight into how he managed to convince his father to get his own CPAP machine after seeing how it impacted his son.

"Prior to using the AirSense 10, I'm waking up and every moment of every day there's just problems. I start off groggy, I'm upset. ResMed changed all that. Once I get a good night's sleep, I'm now waking up when my alarm goes off, I'm up and the day starts. All of a sudden, I'm the living commercial.

I call home and tell my father about it, he's not believing me at first until I actually went home to Chicago and I went into the room. And my Mum set me all up. I put the ResMed machine up, I put it on, everybody came in. And my sister and my Mum and my Dad looked at me and kind of laughed.

Then all of a sudden, my mother woke up three times to check on me because she didn't hear me sleeping. She woke me up. She's like, "I don't hear you snoring, what? And that convinced my father. So after that trip, my father went to a local sleep centre in Chicago. And so now we're both senior and junior, using ResMed products."

We hope you enjoyed hearing Ernest's story. If you know someone who you believe might have sleep apnea, then speak up and let them know. It could have a life-changing impact on them.

Start your journey towards getting a better night's sleep and awaken your best self!

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