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How knowing your SleepScore can help improve your sleep


Everyone knows the amazing experience of waking up after a great sleep.  

When you’ve slept like a log all night, you spring out of bed feeling bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to embrace another day! Just like a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting enough quality sleep is an essential part of looking after your overall health.1

But, how do you actually judge the quality of your sleep? 

Given that you’re unconscious for the majority of the experience, how can you be sure that you’re doing all the right things to ensure your good mental and physical well-being?

Sure, you can go off simply by how you feel every day, but there are so many contributing factors that differentiate quality sleep from poor. 

Being able to measure your sleep quality accurately would not only ensure you’re getting sufficient sleep every night, but can also help you make positive changes to improve your sleep too.

How can you do this? Through digital technology!

Your SleepScore

If you’re curious and want to get a better gauge of the quality of sleep you get each night, then ‘there’s an app for that!’

The app is called SleepScoreTM by SleepScore LabsTM. It uses a scientific-based approach to track your sleep patterns every night to help you get the sleep you need to feel your best the next day.

How does SleepScore work?

Before you go to bed, open the SleepScore app on your device.

The technology uses your smartphone’s microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure both your breathing rate and body movement during the night. From this, it will provide you with an insight into your sleep environment, as well as an in-depth but intuitive analysis into every stage of your sleep.

Because you are able to also compare your sleep stats over time, you can track your SleepScore to see how your sleep is improving and spot the trends that will help keep you on the path to getting consistently great sleep.

Based on your sleep data and profile, you will then receive tailored advice, recommendations and suggestions for improving your sleep and maintaining good sleep hygiene. By adopting these recommendations, you should notice the improvement and start to experience all the positive benefits that quality sleep offers you.

How does your SleepScore improve your sleep?

Measuring sleep isn’t as easy as stepping on a scale or filling out a form.

SleepScore technology makes measuring sleep simple and reliable. Every morning, the app provides you with a simple SleepScore, which is a 100-point sleep quality metric, based on a series of algorithms based upon scientific research and peer-reviewed studies.2 Your SleepScore is composed of six sleep parameters (such as duration and time to fall asleep) that combine together to reflect the overall quality of sleep.

When you wake up, you have an accurate way of determining how good your sleep was and this, combined with the App’s tips and suggestions, can make you more aware of the changes you need to make to awaken at your best.

What’s your SleepScore?

Do you want to wake up feeling more refreshed? Who doesn’t?

Now you know how the SleepScore works, simply download the SleepScore App here, follow the instructions and give it a try. 

It will provide you with a score based on your inputs and give you something more tangible to work with when trying to improve your sleep.


SleepScore, SleepScore Labs are trademarks of Consumer Sleep Solutions LLC.

What's your sleep score?

The ability to track to track and improve your sleep quality is right at your fingertips!


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