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Guide to Flying on CPAP


A portable CPAP machine might be the equivalent of a golden ticket for some people with sleep apnea – not only does CPAP, the gold standard of sleep apnea treatment, help your sleeping problem; it also allows you to continue to live your life – and that includes travelling.

With a portable CPAP Machine you can sleep anywhere, making it ideal for when you take to the skies, be it for business or pleasure. But before you send your portable CPAP machine sky-high, there is some important advice to take on board. Use the links below to navigate to the sections : 

Tips and tricks for travelling with your CPAP machine

People using a CPAP machine for treatment are encouraged to use their device every time they sleep1 – and that includes during travel when you’re thrown out of your usual routine. But if you think the thought of lugging a CPAP device around will be unwanted baggage, consider how important good rest is in order to enjoy your holiday or make the most of your business trip. Ensuring that your travel with a portable CPAP machine is seamless starts long before you board the plane.

1. Check for a power outlet prior to flying

Make life easier by knowing where to sit on the plane to ensure you have access to a power outlet to use if your CPAP machine will need one. The easiest way to do this is to visit which will allow you to scope out the best possible seat option – simply choose a seat which has an ‘AC Power’ icon and you’re good to book.

2. Power up with a battery pack

Purchase an RPS II battery for your device before your flight, which means you can sit anywhere on the plane and know that your machine will be charged and ready to go. The portable device is lighter and easier to pack than ever before and is compatible with a wide range of machines. This battery can be close to fully charged in less than four hours, making it a simple last-minute task before you head off to the airport. 

3. Travel light with travel CPAP gear

If luggage is a burden and you don’t want to carry a large device on board, consider ResMed’s AirMini which is the world’s smallest and lightest CPAP system* and makes portable therapy simple. At a mere 13.6cm long and 300g in weight, the device is the size of a smartphone. The AirMini also uses atmospheric moisture and moisture from the breath to humidify the airflow (known as HumidX), so there’s no need to manually load water into its tanks to operate it.


Before you fly with CPAP Checklist

If you’re keen to take your CPAP device to the skies, here’s a checklist of things to consider before you leave on a big jet plane:

Get a medical certificate 
You'll want to have this sorted long before you depart. Visit your doctor and ensure you get a medical certificate that you can take on the flight which states your need for CPAP treatment.

Get the clearance from your airline
Print and carry with you a travel clearance form from your airline prior to your flight. This document will ensure that your CPAP travel machine abides by the airline's rules and regulations.

Seek your airline's approval
We recommend contacting your airline at least two weeks before you plan to take to the skies and print a copy of ResMed's FAA compliance letter for ResMed sleep apnea machines. Ask to speak to their Medical Services Department so that they can approve the in-flight use of your CPAP machine.

Your CPAP machine is part of your carry-on
Don't make the mistake of trying to pack your CPAP machine into your suitcase! Consider that your device is part of your carry-on luggage and ensure all its associated supplies are within easy reach. Besides, even if you don't end up using it, can you imagine how restless you would be if you packed it in your check-in luggage and it got lost or damaged? 

Pack an extension cord
Consider the requirements of your machine once you reach your destination - if you're staying in a hotel, you may need an extension cord so that you can plug your CPAP machine in and use it next to your temporary bed. 

Take some reading material for the plane
What's a plane trip without a good read to sink your teeth into? Opt for re-runs of sitcoms or a movie you've already seen  - or you could download a copy of one of our free guides: 'Three Pillars of Health' and soak in some practical sleeping tips. 


Consider updating your machine before departure.

Now that you’re free to travel without stressing over your sleep or disturbing others around you, ensure that your equipment is up to date or consider upgrading to the best machine possible to suit your travelling needs.

The optimal machine for travelling is one that’s compact, light weight and quiet to use. 

Take a browse through our comprehensive range of snoring and sleep apnea treatment available for travel through our popular range of portable CPAP machines available on our website.

Looking to camp with CPAP? we have you covered with our CPAP Camping guide


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