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Top 7 most supportive morning habits to adapt


We all know about healthy night-time habits that can help us achieve restful sleep, such as keeping a consistent bedtime routine and cutting out screen time before bed. But did you know there are some things that we might be doing each morning that could spoil all that good work? Read on to find out what these top 7 bad habits are. 

1. Don’t hit that snooze button

Have you ever reached for the snooze button on a cold winter’s morning, hoping for an extra few minutes of sleep before the day begins? Well, this could be your first mistake, because, according to sleep experts, falling back into a sleep cycle you won’t be able to complete is a sure-fire way to feel groggy all morning.1 Make sure you’re going to bed early enough to allow for your optimum sleep time, and you may even wake up before the alarm goes off. 

2. Leave the phone alone

After being in the land of nod for 8 hours, you might be keen to catch up on anything you might have missed online. But reaching for your phone first thing in the morning can also interrupt the body’s natural rhythm of waking up, and it could even start you off with panic or anxiety. Try to leave your phone alone until you’re feeling more alert. 

3. Let the light shine in

Once you’ve managed to get yourself out of bed, don’t keep yourself in the dark. Doing this can end up making you feel sleepy for longer. Instead, fling open the curtains and let the light shine in! Experts say that morning light not only improves your mood but can lead to better sleep overall.

4. Stretch yourself

Just as your brain might need a little help to get it fired up each morning, your body is the same. A wonderful way to help is to do some gentle stretching. This can loosen up the muscles and joints. It is great for circulation, and it can even help you feel more energised and alert. 

5. Awaken the senses

You might also feel like a nice hot shower to get you going. However, whilst a hot shower or bath at night sets you up for restful sleep by helping your muscles relax, this is exactly why it’s no good in the morning. Instead, try to turn the temperature down; cold showers are well-known for having excellent benefits for circulation as well as awakening your senses – to really kick start your day. 

6. Save the caffeine fix for later

If you find yourself searching for your caffeine fix before you can utter a word to your cohabitants, this could also be adding to your tiredness. Drinking coffee as soon as you wake up can interrupt your body’s production of cortisol, a hormone that’s produced by your adrenal glands and helps regulate metabolism, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. So, try to stay away from the caffeine before and during this time, and save it for that mid-morning slump when it will have the optimum effect. Why not try hot water and lemon instead? It’s a great way to get your metabolism fired up. 

7. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

We’ve all heard it before – if you want to keep your energy consistent and your mind focused all morning, a healthy breakfast is a must. It’s best to stay away from high sugar and high carb foods, though. What’s better is to nourish your body with a breakfast that’s filled with fibre, protein, fruit or vegetables. 

So, now you know some of the healthy habits you can adopt each morning, you can be on your way to an energised day ahead. And if you’d like to understand more about your quality of sleep, take our free sleep assessment today. 

Kate Johnson

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