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Dating with CPAP


Those first few weeks and months of dating are often filled with giddy excitement. But if you have sleep apnea and are on CPAP, you may also experience some trepidation.

Introducing a new partner to CPAP is not always easy. You might worry about how they will react. Will they still find me attractive? Will they find it strange? These are questions you may ask yourself. 

But there’s no reason CPAP needs to get in the way of your love life! 

Have you ever found yourself doing any of the following to avoid a conversation about CPAP?

  1. Declining invitations for a sleepover
  2. Devising exit plans
  3. Making excuses to leave early

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to address some of your reservations.

To help you overcome any fears, we’ve come up with a few answers to common questions people using CPAP therapy might have before getting intimate:

Can I still cuddle with CPAP?

Yes, you can still cuddle with your CPAP! For example, our AirFitTM N30i masks with a top-of-the-head tube design allow you to sleep in any position.

My partner was just diagnosed with sleep apnea. How can I support them?

You play a vital role in supporting your partner’s CPAP therapy and encouraging their continued adherence. This is especially the case during the first few weeks when your partner is getting used to therapy.
Support your partner by soothing any anxiety they may have over their appearance with the mask. Helping to set up the machine and adjust their mask will also reassure your partner of your unwavering support.  

I’ve just started dating someone. When should I bring up my CPAP therapy?

We get it. Wearing a breathing mask to bed doesn’t scream sexy. But you know what’s sexy? Having the energy to be present with your partner and the confidence to live your life to the fullest. A study of the impact of CPAP on patient and partner experiences showed couples:

  • Enjoy doing more social/recreational activities due to higher energy levels when on CPAP
  • Resume bed-sharing after going on CPAP
  • Report feeling happier and less irritable after CPAP

Can I still have spontaneous sleepovers?

Yes. Going on CPAP does not need to hinder any impromptu romance. But it does require a little planning ahead. Some people might choose to keep an extra device in their car ready for when the need may arise. Others, especially frequent flyers, may buy a device they can easily travel with, such as the AirMiniTM portable CPAP machine. 

Weighing only 300g and with the approximate footprint of a smartphone, the AirMini is small enough to fit in your average handbag or backpack. It might be tempting to simply skip the CPAP during these moments of unplanned passion. 

It’s natural to want to avoid uncomfortable conversations. But being open and talking about the positive impact CPAP has on your wellbeing will help partners better understand the importance of therapy.

If you’re feeling a little down due to a recent sleep apnea diagnosis and need for CPAP, it’s understandable. Most of us don’t want to go to bed resembling a character from a sci-fi movie! 

But there’s an unfathomable number of positives to take from this. By addressing your sleep challenges, you can look forward to a future where every day you can awaken your best. And for partners, who wouldn’t want to see their other half living their best life?


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