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Sleep apnea in women is not typically the same as it is in men.1 Women with sleep apnea typically take longer to fall asleep, have more flow restriction, and wake up more often than men.1-2 They also tend to have shorter apneas, a lower apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) and a higher percentage of apneas that occur during REM sleep.3-4 

To help treat women with sleep apnea more effectively, ResMed developed AutoSet™ for Her, the first sleep apnea therapy device with a women-optimised APAP algorithm. 

What is the difference between AirSense devices and AirSense 10 for Her?  

Both devices are almost identical to one another and feature our innovative technologies, including AutoRamp™, automated start and stop, wireless connectivity and an integrated heated humidifier. 

The only real difference between the two models, aside from how they look cosmetically, is that the standard AirSense 10 has two modes, CPAP and AutoSet (APAP), whereas AirSense 10 for Her and Airsense 11 includes these two modes plus an additional third mode with an algorithm specially designed to treat sleep apnea in women. 

This algorithm has been developed expressly to be more sensitive to flow restrictions and to respond more gently to pressure changes, helping to reduce arousals brought on by such changes. It differs from the standard AutoSet algorithm in the following ways: 

  • Detection of hypopneas and flow limitations is more sensitive
  • Pressure changes are more gradual
  • Minimum pressure can be changed based on apnea frequency

Do I need a different CPAP mask with the for Her mode?  

Every ResMed mask is designed to work with all ResMed CPAP machines, including our AirSense devices and AirSense 10 for Her devices. The only device in our line-up that requires specific masks to function is ResMed AirMini. 

ResMed also offers a selection of ‘for Her’ masks that are specially designed to better fit women. In comparison to the standard version, these masks have smaller headgear and come in additional colours. 

Can men also use the AirSense 10 for her?  

Yes, the device includes both the standard AutoSet algorithm, which is intended for universal use, as well as the women-optimised ‘for Her’ algorithm.  

While the additional algorithm can be used by men , it is only intended to function at pressure levels below 20 cm H20. CPAP users who require higher pressures should only use the standard AutoSet mode and algorithm. Please speak to your healthcare professional if you need help determining the best pressure settings for your therapy. 

What is the AirSense 10 for her CPAP Subscription plan like?  

ResMed EZ subscription plans are created to provide CPAP users the freedom to spread out the costs of their equipment with simple weekly payments, while guaranteeing they always have the equipment they need for continued CPAP.  

These plans are available for both AirSense 10 and AirSense 10 for Her devices, and include regular mask and accessories deliveries. 

The verdict 

It is not surprising why AirSense 10 is ResMed's most popular CPAP machine. In terms of performance, silence, and humidification, it is one of our top performing devices. For women with sleep apnea, however, the AirSense 10 for Her variant is the obvious choice because it combines all the benefits of the original model with a women-optimised algorithm, allowing users to tailor their therapy even further. What’s more, it is available in white with a contemporary leaf pattern that is designed to look sleek in any bedroom. 

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. You should speak to your doctor about your symptoms and whether a CPAP device is suitable for you. 

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