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AirFit F30i puts freedom to rest


Following the feedback we've received from users of ResMed AirFitTM N30i and AirFit P30i tube-up masks, we know CPAP users love masks with top-of-head tube connections. With the launch of AirFit F30i, full face mask users can now too enjoy the physical freedom to comfortably sleep in many different positions, be it on their back, side or stomach.

What sets AirFit F30i further apart is its UltraCompact under-the-nose cushion when compared with the larger over-the-nose cushions that traditional full face masks have. Smaller and more discreet, this cushion is designed to inspire confidence. It not only eliminates red marks and discomfort on the nasal bridge, but it also delivers visual freedom. 

While the frame and cushion designs may appear unfamiliar to new users, a ResMed study has shown AirFit F30i is intuitive and easy to fit. The study reported over 4 in 5 full face mask users found the mask easy to fit, adjust and remove.1

airfit f30iairfit f30i female fitting

Existing ResMed mask users will be glad to see familiar features like the magnetic clips and quick-release elbow retained for fast fitting. The freely rotating elbow also makes the mask agile, allowing users to switch between sleeping positions without pulling on the mask seal. It's one reason why participating CPAP users studied rate AirFit F30i 4 out of 5 stars for overall seal and comfort.2

With its thoughtful, user-friendly features, a popular top-of-head tube connection and a minimalist UltraCompact cushion, AirFit F30i is proving popular. One impressed fitting study participant noted, "the feel of the mask was very nice and soft - easy to put on and move around".2

AirFit F30i offers a new direction for full masks, and it may just be what users who want a more natural sleep experience are looking for.


Want more information on the AirFit F30i?

At ResMed, we always want you to feel well-informed.

For more information, see our AirFit F30i product page or feel free to contact us to discuss this mask with you and see if it's a suitable option for you.



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ResMed guided external clinical study of 48 evaluable current full face CPAP mask users from 24/10/2018 to 20/11/2018 in Sydney, AU and San Diego, CA, who trialled AirFit F30i and competitor full face mask at home. Data on file; ID A4484728.

ResMed onsite fitting study of 73 current full face CPAP mask users and 14 sleep professionals from November 5 to November 14, 2018, in multiple US locations who trialled ResMed AirFit F30i and a competitor full face mask.
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