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A quick guide to home sleep tests


Sleep is something all us humans must do – but most of us don't do it very well. We know that because when we conducted a survey, more than 4 in 10 of Australians told us they're not getting enough sleep.1 And 5 in 10 said they have trouble sleeping three or more nights a week too.1 Despite these poor stats, few people are getting their sleep health checked out. To change this, ResMed has launched onesleeptest, a disposable home sleep test that's easy for anyone to complete.

Why take onesleeptest?

Many people will live their entire lives with a sleep disorder and not be aware of it. After all, it's easy to overlook symptoms of poor sleep such as morning headaches and daytime sleepiness. And signs like snoring, gasping for air and sudden night-time awakenings will not be apparent if you sleep alone. Even people who suspect there's something wrong will tend to shrug it off. But, the fact is, if you leave a sleep disorder untreated, it can lead to several health issues.

What is a sleep test, and how is onesleeptest different?

A sleep test is a physical evaluation of your sleep quality that can determine whether you have a sleep condition or not. It typically involves wearing equipment that will monitor you when you are asleep.

Some sleep tests require you to stay overnight in a lab where a sleep technician will place sensors on your body to monitor data. These tests can be expensive, though health insurance often covers them.

Home sleep tests, like onesleeptest, are less complicated, yet they'll also capture all the data needed to assess your sleep quality. The bonus is that you can complete them in the comfort of your own home, and they're very affordable too.

Who should take onesleeptest?

Health issues can start in people of all ages, and sleep conditions are no different. That's why we encourage all people to check up on their sleep health as regularly as they would their blood pressure, dental health, eyesight and the like. For people who snore or wake up tired during the day, taking a sleep test is especially important to see if there is a hidden health condition.

How will onesleeptest help me?

After completing a sleep test, a sleep physician will prepare a sleep report with all their findings. If you're diagnosed with a sleep disorder, your doctor will provide advice and therapy options. Even if you don't have a sleep condition, you may still not be getting the sleep you think you're getting. A sleep test will be able to see what you can improve.

So, what are you waiting for?

We know sleep tests can be daunting, especially one in a lab, but we hope onesleeptest will change this perception. Our enduring goal is to ensure more people take their sleep seriously. A regular sleep check-up will help you identify problems early, so you can get them treated. It could be the eye-opener you need to get started on a life well slept.

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