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5 things worth waking up for in the morning


I used to despise waking up early in the morning. My brain never saw the benefits of leaving the comfort and warmth of my bed to do things for the sake of self-betterment. Its only goal before 9 am was to sleep like a log while the sun wasn't shining. My body would also plead with every ache it could feign to make me give up on becoming a morning person.

I'm glad I didn't. Over the past few months, the struggle with my body and brain to get out of bed has diminished. The key to this new way of life was to ensure I had something exciting to do in the morning. Here are some of the things I encourage you to try:

Enjoy breakfast

If there is one thing that compels me to do just about anything, it's food. Sleeping is also fasting, so when my eyes open, there's nothing better than eating food to drag me out of bed and start my metabolism. 

Breakfast is easily the best meal of the day when you're having eggs on toast with your loved ones – not so when you're scoffing a banana out the door. After breakfast and a good coffee, I'm almost always blooming like a sunflower.

Practice yoga or meditation

I'm no Zen Master, but what really helps me prepare for the working day is morning yoga and meditation. Together, they iron out tightness in my body and let me reset my mind.

Meditation also forces me to become aware of the rhythms of the world and my body. I like to think that it helps merge my biological clock with the Earth's.

Get outside for a morning walk, run or bike ride

Leaving home early to exercise can seem like punishment. It is, however, a blessing in disguise once I'm out the door. The crisp air, morning dew and rising sun awaken every one of my senses. It’s an opportunity to explore the streets in silence and to see the roads, cafes and construction sites come alive.

Have a to-do list

When I'm busy, I find it productive to write a small list of tasks the night before sleeping. The tasks can be as simple as putting on the washing or paying a utility bill.

The idea is to knock out a few things before work starts. It not only creates a sense of purpose but also more time for me to tackle more challenging projects the day might bring.

Read something light

On the days when I want to give my body a break, I get out of bed to do some reading on the couch. This doesn't mean checking emails or the news, which tend to add stress, but a self-help book or short story can be a source of inspiration for the day.

Sometimes I browse cooking books for a dinner idea too. Again, food can always help with motivation!

Final tips

For people who still dread what to do to wake up early? My best tip is to simply focus on tomorrow and only on one or two of the activities I’ve mentioned. You’ll also need to plan your sleep schedule accordingly to get the hours of sleep you need.

Once you make your chosen activities a habit, you'll understand why people say, "you snooze, you lose". Waking up early will reward you with experiences and joys you'll never have otherwise known in bed. 

Andrew Mun

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