Why is my machine shutting off at night?

A number of things could be responsible - here are the most common:·

  • Make sure your machine is turned on.
  • Check that the power plug is fully and correctly inserted in the device. When it is correctly inserted, the power button will light up.
  • If you are experiencing high leak and the SmartStart™ setting is turned on, it's possible the machine is stopping due to this. Try turning off the SmartStart™ setting on your machine.
  • Ensure that no blankets or other objects are covering the power supply unit.
  • Check whether the filter is blocked. If so, replace the filter.
  • Check that the therapy machine's lid is properly closed (as well as the humidifier lid for applicable machines, such as the H5i™ humidifier in the S9™ device) or that the humidifier tub is fully inserted.
  • Make sure you're not using the Start/Stop button to light the LCD during the night, as this will stop your therapy.
  • If there's a message on the screen, follow the instructions to clear the message or contact your outlet
  • Try unplugging the machine, then plugging it in again.