Ideas and Feedback Policy

Effective Date: September, 2019

Whilst ResMed appreciates feedback and product suggestions, all communications to ResMed are exclusively governed by ResMed’s Ideas & Feedback Policy as set on this page.

It is the ‘ResMed Ideas and Feedback Policy’ that ResMed does not accept any form of unsolicited improvement or suggestions to its offerings (“Idea”). ResMed respectfully requests Ideas are not submitted to ResMed.

If, despite ResMed’s request, an Idea is submitted, the following Terms and Conditions will apply to all Ideas irrespective of content or format:

Terms and Conditions

In order to avoid a misunderstanding or other conflict with individuals who share Ideas with ResMed, all Ideas should be protected by patents before being submitted to ResMed. ResMed believes that this is the best approach to protecting your interests and ResMed’s ongoing commitment to research, development and its intellectual property portfolio.

Accordingly, you agree that:

  • ResMed, at its sole discretion, will decide whether or not to engage in any communication with you.
  • The Idea is non-confidential, and therefore ResMed is under no obligation to treat your Idea as confidential and shall not be limited in its right to use or communicate the Idea for any purpose.
  • Your Idea and any included information and materials may be disclosed to ResMed employees, consultants, other representatives, and third parties at ResMed’s sole discretion for any purpose.
  • ResMed is entitled to utilise any part of the Idea without any obligation whatsoever to you.
  • You will not take any action against ResMed, and ResMed will not be liable, as a result of any similarities that you may perceive as existing between your Idea and ResMed products, technologies, services, processes, materials, advertising campaigns, promotions, marketing plans or product names.