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Our top CPAP masks for 2023


Strap in (or better yet, strap on your CPAP mask) and let’s get comfy – we’re bringing you our best-selling CPAP masks for the year so far.

We offer a range of masks to suit various sleep styles and preferences. But in 2023, these four ResMed CPAP masks have been stealing the spotlight and winning over CPAP therapy users across Australia.** 

1. AirFitTM F30i Full Face CPAP Mask

Best for mouth breathers and active sleepers

The AirFit F30i Full Face CPAP Mask is a favourite with users who breathe through their mouths when sleeping. It features a unique design with tubing positioned over the head, allowing for more flexibility and movement. People who are active sleepers often switch to this mask because they find the tubing from traditional designs can get tangled during sleep.

What sets it apart:

  • Ideal for users who are new to CPAP therapy and may experience feelings of claustrophobia
  • Designed for active sleepers who toss and turn
  • Maximum visibility, making it easier to read or watch TV before bed
  • Quick-release feature at the elbow for nighttime convenience

2. AirFitTM N20 Nasal CPAP Mask

Perfect for side sleepers and glasses wearers

The AirFit N20 Nasal Mask is a top choice for those who breathe through their mouths but want to try a nasal mask. Users can supplement with a chin and mouth strap underneath the mask, and it will still maintain the seal at the nose. Additionally, the plush padded frame provides comfort throughout the night.

This mask offers flexibility and comfort, particularly for glasses wearers or users who might want to watch a bit of TV or read before bed with the mask on.

Why it's popular:

  • Great for side sleepers, thanks to the hose connection through the nose
  • Ideal for people who want to read or watch TV before bed
  • Quick-release feature at the elbow for easy nighttime awakenings

3.  AirFitTM P30i Pillow CPAP Mask

Designed for ultimate comfort and freedom

The AirFit P30i Pillow Mask offers a unique design with tubing that goes over the head, making it a good option for stomach sleepers and active sleepers who tend to toss and turn. It's designed to provide maximum comfort with a cushion that sits gently at the entrance of the nose.

This mask is ideally suited for people who tend to wake up a lot to use the toilet, as the quick release elbow easily detaches the tubing from the mask.

Notable features:

  • Great for stomach sleepers and people who move a lot during the night
  • Allows you to watch TV or read comfortably before sleep
  • Easily detachable tubing design for nighttime convenience

4. AirFitTM N30i Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask

Versatile and great for couples

The AirFit N30i Nasal Cradle Mask is a versatile choice, perfect for those who switch between different sleeping positions. Designed with a cradle-like cushion sitting under the nose, it offers flexibility and comfort.

It's also an excellent option for individuals who share their bed with a partner. And if you ever need to get up at night, the mask slides quickly on and off, or you can easily disconnect it from the tubing.

Why it's in demand:

  • Suitable for various sleep positions, including stomach sleepers
  • Top tubing for flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Slip-on, slip-off design for easy nighttime mobility
  • Recommended for glasses wearers who enjoy bedtime reading or TV

Considerations when choosing a CPAP mask

Remember, choosing the right CPAP mask is essential for adherence to CPAP therapy. Your mask selection should consider sleep style, as well as comfort and grooming needs. Below are some helpful tips based on these factors:

I have sensitive skin

If a CPAP mask causes skin irritation, you could be allergic to the silicon mask cushion. Another irritant could be the leftover detergent from cleaning the CPAP mask . If you’ve ruled out other factors, you might want to try the AirTouchTM F20 Full Face Mask, which features memory foam and is designed to offer a softer and more breathable fit.

I get allergies, a stuffy nose or have a deviated septum

A full-face mask is ideal if you have chronic congestion or sinus issues. This style mask can deliver humidification through your nose and mouth, which may help alleviate some of your symptoms.

I breathe through my mouth when I sleep

CPAP therapy can be more difficult when you breathe through your mouth as it can lead to more air leaks. If this is you, a full-face mask with good seal may be the most suitable option.

Some full-face mask options from ResMed include the AirFitTM F20 and the AirFitTM F30.

I have a beard

There are a couple of mask options available to ensure your facial hair doesn’t interfere with the use of the mask. If you breathe through your nose while sleeping, the AirFitTM P10 Nasal Pillow Mask is a solid choice. It slips on and off like a pair of swim goggles and seals inside the nostrils.

For more help choosing a mask, visit our blog on how to find your ideal CPAP mask. You can also book an appointment at your nearest ResMed store or online with one of our friendly sleep coaches.*

Don’t miss our Black Friday deals! Visit our ResMed Shop or drop in at any of our in-store locations across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT.

CPAP therapy can breathe new life into the daily lives of people with sleep apnea, and a major contributor to therapy success lies in finding the right CPAP mask. Sweet dreams await when you find a mask that fits you best! 

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. You should speak to your doctor about your symptoms and whether a CPAP device is suitable for you. 


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*ResMed Sleep Coaches can give general information about sleep health, sleep disorders and products that may help improve your sleep. They are not qualified healthcare professionals and cannot provide medical advice. 


**Based on internal ResMed ANZ sales data between 2022-2023

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