Travelling with your equipment

Patients often have questions about travelling with their sleep apnea machines. You can direct them to this page for information, advice and answers to their frequently asked questions.

Being on sleep therapy shouldn’t stop you doing the things you love. You can rest assured that your ResMed sleep apnea machine won’t get in the way of planning a vacation. Your light and portable ResMed equipment is designed to accompany you, wherever you go.

With a standard universal power supply, most ResMed CPAP, APAP and bilevel sleep apnea machines can be used throughout the world and even on an aeroplane, just make sure you remember the adaptor. This helps to make travelling with your therapy equipment relaxed, comfortable and easy. Just the way it should be!

Whether you’re camping, going on a road trip, or travelling overseas, this page will give you useful information about transporting and using your machine while you’re away.

Whatever your destination, it’s handy to keep the following information with you when you travel:

  • Your treatment pressure
  • Your CPAP mask type and size
  • Contact details for your ResMed Accredited Outlet
  • Your health insurance information
  • Your doctor's details

Camping and caravanning    
Air Travel
Overseas Travel    

Camping and caravanning

Love to go camping and enjoy the outdoors? Now you can, even with your ResMed machine.

We offer converters for our wide range of products. These converters allow you to use your machine from a 12V or 24V DC power source in a car, boat, caravan or other vehicle that has a suitable battery.

In addition, most of our machines operate with an external battery source. Find out what type of battery you need for your machine by checking our battery guide.

Our handy travel CPAP machine Mask Wipes will ensure no matter where you are camping you can easily clean your mask and therapy equipment.

See our Travel FAQs for more information.


Air travel

Now there's no reason why your treatment should keep you from flying and enjoying a good night's sleep. Thanks to the portability and convenience of ResMed's CPAP, APAP and bilevel sleep apnea machines, the sky is the limit when you want to see more of the world.

For machines with built-in wireless connectivity,* you will need to turn on Airplane Mode.


Before flying with your sleep therapy equipment, you should:

  • Get clearance from the airline to use your machine on a flight, at least two weeks prior to departure. If your approval is in the form of a letter, carry a copy with you.
  • Find out if you can sit near a power source on the aircraft. If you don’t have access to power, the RPS II, our lightweight and portable external battery, is designed to run an AirSense™ 10, AirCurve™ 10 or Lumis™ sleep apnea machine (without humidification) for over 14 hours. Run time is reduced with older batteries. See the Battery/device compatibility list for details of run times with other ResMed machines.
  • Confirm the type of power cord or adapter used by the aircraft.
  • Carry a letter from your doctor certifying your need for sleep apnea therapy.
  • Take a copy of ResMed's FAA compliance letter for ResMed sleep apnea machines.
  • Ensure that there is no water in the humidifier tub before detaching it from the machine and packing it away. Do not use your humidifier on the aircraft as turbulence increases the risk of water spillage and damage to the machine.
  • Enable Airplane Mode (in machines with wireless connectivity*. See user manual for details.)
  • Most ResMed sleep apnea machines run on most aircraft power supplies with a suitable adapter. While most of our machines will automatically compensate for higher altitude changes, some older machines might require manual adjustment. If no adjustment is made, it may deliver less effective therapy. Please consult your doctor for more information.
  • * Machines without built-in wireless connectivity are also available.

Because power outlets may differ between countries, make sure you pack the correct plug adapter for the country you're travelling to. Adapters can be bought from most electronics and travel stores, as well as in airports.

It’s also handy to pack an extension cord, just in case your hotel room doesn’t have a power socket located near the bed head.

See our Travel FAQs for more information.