AirFitTM F40

  • With an UltraCompact design, the ResMed AirFitTM F40 is ResMed's smallest tube-down full face mask, per a ResMed external clinical study1
  • In a ResMed external clinical study, 100% of surveyed patients said the AirFit F40 was easy to fit and adjust to achieve seal and comfort2
  • In a ResMed external clinical study, 96% of patients said the AirFit F40 was comfortable at first fit2
  • Available with three cushions and three headgear sizes for a 98% fit range, based on a ResMed external clinical study2

The mask contains magnets that may interfere with certain implants or medical devices. Please refer to the User Guide for complete labeling information, including magnet contraindications and warnings. 

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. You should speak to your doctor about your symptoms and whether a CPAP device is suitable for you.


Minimal. Maximised.

Full face performance in an UltraCompact design is finally a reality. The new low-profile AirFit F40 delivers that with the comfort patients seek. The new AdaptiSeal™ silicone cushion adapts to the face, helping to maintain seal and comfort even when changing positions during sleep. The fully flexible frame with fewer adjustment points make it easy to use and comfortable.

The results are in

In a ResMed external clinical study of existing PAP patients using the AirFit F40:

  • 96% of surveyed patients said they had freedom to sleep in their preferred position and change positions through the night.3
  • 100% of surveyed patients found it overall easy to use.3
  • The majority of surveyed patients said they felt confident continuing their sleep apnea therapy.3


A closer look

Grade A fitting! Clinicians said it was easy to fit the AirFit F40 on 95% of patients.3 Three headgear and three cushion sizes make this mask a potential fit for most patients. And, with magnetic clips that easily snap on and off coupled with fewer headgear adjustment points, the AirFit F40 is easy to use.

Giving patients flexibility

The low-profile design is not just comfortable, but it also keeps flexibility in mind. Patients can wear glasses to read and watch TV in bed while using therapy. And, the short tube helps to reduce drag and moves with them for flexibility in sleeping positions all night long.


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Internal ResMed comparison of the ResMed AirFit F20, AirTouch F20, AirFit F30 and AirFit F40. Measurements are based on cushion mask on face, front view and side view.


Two ResMed external clinical studies of experienced PAP patients. The first study included users with ≥ 6 months’ therapy who used ResMed’s AirFit F40 and AirFit F20 full face masks in randomized order for up to seven consecutive nights each at home. Study conducted in Australia, June 6 – 27, 2023, n=28 (AirFit F40) and 29 (AirFit F20). Facial measurements of 29 participants were taken. The second study included current users with ≥ 12 months’ PAP therapy who met 90-day CMS compliance for PAP therapy in the three months prior to the study. Participants used ResMed’s AirFit F40 and Fisher & Paykel’s Evora Full in a randomized order with their own for up to seven consecutive nights each at home. Study conducted in the U.S., October 4 – November 20, 2023, n=57. Facial measurements of 57 participants were taken.


ResMed external clinical study of current PAP users with ≥ 12 months’ therapy with either ResMed or competitor masks and who met 90-day compliance in the three months prior to the study. All participants used the ResMed AirFit F40 and the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full for up to seven nights each at randomized order. Study conducted in the U.S., October 4 – November 20, 2023. n= 57