HumidAir TMheated humidifier

Discover HumidAir™ 11, our latest humidifier specifically designed for the AirSense™ 11. It delivers warm, moistened air to provide comfort and relief from dryness. CPAP users also have the option to choose between standard or cleanable tub options, and they can optimise their comfort by pairing it with the ClimateLineAir™ 11 tubing.


Key features

Stay comfortable. HumidAir 11 is designed for comfort by offering a generous water capacity and heated humidification.

Help prevent rainout with ClimateLineAir 11. To prevent issues such as rainout, the integrated ClimateLineAir 11 tubing minimises moisture buildup and condensation.

Effortless maintenance. The standard and cleanable tub options are easily detachable, allowing patients to clean it and maintain hygiene with ease.

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