Sleep apnea equipment, services and products for hospitals

ResMed’s sleep apnea equipment, services and solutions are designed to support you and patients through their entire treatment journey — from initial set-up and treatment during their time in hospital, to transportation and right through to their discharge and set-up at home.

Hospital products

The masks, ventilators, humidifiers and accessories in our sleep apnea equipment range are easy to use in the hospital and transport environments, enabling clinical staff to spend less time training and more time delivering the best care to patients.

Meeting your needs: from hospital to home

We've taken into consideration the areas that are most important to you, such as:

  • Ease of use: fitting and removing masks, using ventilators
  • Time pressures: especially in emergency, ICU and sub-acute wards
  • Minimizing downtime: with highly-reliable equipment
  • Patient acceptability: especially with mask comfort
  • Accuracy and safety: reliable, rigorously tested equipment

ResMed masks

Combining lightweight comfort with superior seal and fit, ResMed masks are the brand most preferred by patients.*

ResMed provides a complete therapy solution for hospitals with a comprehensive range of hospital masks, including vented, non-vented, reusable, disposable and Paediatric.


Quicker acceptance of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) in demanding environments

A specialist in breathing masks for almost three decades, ResMed has fine-tuned the balance of stability, seal and comfort. Advances like the superior dual-wall cushion design and excellent CO2 washout can make all the difference to a patient's acceptance of NIV.

The ultimate in efficacy, speed and seal

All ResMed masks come preassembled and ready to use, helping you set patients up quickly and easily.

  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Excellent CO2 wash-out
  • Easy to use clips and quick-release mechanism
  • Color-coded size labeling and fitting guide on the packaging**
  • Transparent mask frame for safety and monitoring

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As well as being intuitive to operate, ResMed’s range of ventilators makes your job easier:

  • Invasive and noninvasive applications at all stages of the patient journey: retrieval, emergency, ICU (intensive care unit), HDU (high dependency unit) and sub-acute
  • A choice of modes and technologies to suit varying levels of dependency
  • Alarms and remote alarm options
  • Optional batteries for reliable power back-up
  • Smooth transition from hospital to home with the same device

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ResMed’s range of humidifiers has been designed to provide heated humidification to improve patient comfort during ventilation.

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ResMed offers a range of accessories specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of the hospital environment, providing helpful options such as disposable filters and tubes, battery options, back-up power, carry or transport bags for greater portability, and remote alarms and monitoring tools.

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*Combined responses of those expressing a preference in an independent patient survey in the USA, UK, Germany, France & Australia, from September 2012.

**Available on ResMed’s disposable hospital masks.