End tidal (Et) CO2 sensor

ResMed's EtCO2 sensor is an accessory to the Elisée™ 350 ventilator that lets you monitor a patient's CO2 levels.

EtCO2 monitoring can assist in clinical insights into the patient's condition, including:

- How effectively their lungs are expelling CO2
- How efficiently their circulatory system is transporting CO2 to the lungs
- Detecting changes in CO2 production in the tissues
- Helping with a prognosis on cardiac arrest and checking the efficiency of cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Key features

  • Ideal during patient transportation and for hospital use, EtCO2 is a convenient alternative to invasive capnographic procedures.
  • Monitoring your patient's CO2 quickly and easily gives you the confidence to assess in providing the right level of care in situations where every second counts.

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