Welcome to the ResMed Australian Authorised Dealer Program

As a partner of ResMed, you are a critical ally in helping us reach our goal of changing 20 million lives by 2020. ResMed appreciates all the time and resources you invest into your business in order to be able to provide a high quality patient experience to all Australians. In recognition of this, we would like to introduce our new customer recognition - the ResMed Australian Authorised Dealer (RAD) program.

The RAD program is a seal of approval and a promise of excellence to all our patients using a ResMed device or mask. The RAD logo provides immediate recognition for patients that your business is recognised as an Australian Authorised Dealer, fit to represent ResMed, and has been certified to meet our market leading standards in guiding patients through to successful long-term therapy.

Why should you become a RAD?

ResMed has initiated the RAD program to support our local Australian partners and ensure improved quality of life for all patients by offering the highest quality clinical care on their sleep journey.

Our aim is to reinforce the message to patients that purchasing their sleep therapy equipment in Australia not only gives them a direct connection to better service, support, and guidance, but also strengthens the local economy and offers employment opportunities to Australians. Additionally, establishing a strong local network of Authorised Dealers will allow ResMed to continue to invest into Australian Sleep Research, giving great benefits to both businesses and patients alike.

By joining the RAD program you will be authorised to supply ResMed products in Australia. As such, clinics without the RAD seal will not receive support services from ResMed.

Why should patients purchase from a RAD?

  • Eligible to become a member of our exclusive sleepvantage community, unlocking access to:
    • 50% extension on standard product warranties on all ResMed products
    • Access to ResMed’s high quality service and support from the customer care centre
    • sleepvantage exclusive promotions and alerts to great deals
  • Eligible for ResMed’s money-back guaranties on selected products
  • Fast, local repairs from ResMed’s Australian service network including:
    • Free shipping on warranty repairs
    • In-store replacement on select warranty items
  • Supported and guided by face-to-face consultations with trained sleep therapy providers throughout their entire sleep journey

How will consumers and doctors know if a clinic is a RAD?

By looking for the RAD badge. All Australian partner clinics, websites and related marketing materials will be supported directed by ResMed.

Contact your local Business Manager to find out how you can become a ResMed Australian Authorised Dealer today.


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