Drive efficiency

When running a profitable business, it is important to streamline your processes so that you use your resources as effectively as possible. Maximise operational efficiency with the following tools and resources:

sleepvantageTM program

sleepvantage membership goes beyond your patients receiving our exclusive member-only warranty benefits.

sleepvantage members can also:

  • stay informed with educational articles and videos, access our friendly member support phone line.
  • be a part of exciting promotions and special offers, and
  • receive product replacement reminders, directly them back to you to re-purchase. 

And the best part is it’s all FREE!

ResMed Online Store

The ROS is more than an online store. It's a time-efficient, one-stop-shop for you to manage ResMed business transactions, such as product orders and service requests, in one convenient place. Using the ROS can allow you to spend time on more valuable activities and quality care for your patients.