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When running a profitable business, it is important to streamline your processes so that you use your resources as effectively as possible. Maximise operational efficiency with the following tools and resources:

sleepvantage triallist program

Your patients’ treatment journey begins right at the trial stage—even before they have committed to therapy or purchased any equipment.

Giving your patients a sense of on-going support and guidance from the very beginning can make all the difference to their long-term therapy compliance.

Studies show that as many as 33% of patients drop out during the trial period,1 while those who receive some communication during a treatment trial—even as simple as a follow-up phone call—are more likely to feel supported,2 persist with their therapy and stay compliant.3,4

An extra level of support

Designed to support and encourage patients on a treatment trial, the sleepvantage trialist program complements the excellent clinical and medical care your patients will already be receiving from you.

Rewarding you

Give your patients the best start to treatment by signing them up to the sleepvantage trialist program and we’ll reward you every quarter.

You’ll receive two movie tickets or one $30 reward card for every 10 patients you sign up in every three-month period.

The more patients you sign up, the more movie tickets or reward cards you’ll receive during a three-month period … then you start fresh for the next three months.

sleepvantage program

sleepvantage membership goes beyond your patients receiving our exclusive warranty extension.

sleepvantage members can also:

  • join discussions in the online forum and connect with other like-minded people on sleep apnea therapy,
  • stay informed with educational articles and videos, access our friendly member support phone line.
  • update their therapy and personal details online,
  • be a part of exciting promotions and special offers, and
  • receive product replacement reminders, directly them back to you to re-purchase.

And the best part is it’s all FREE!

ResMed Online Store

The ROS is more than an online store. It's a time-efficient, one-stop shop for you to manage ResMed business transactions in one convenient place. Using the ROS can allow you to spend time on more valuable activities and quality care for your patients.