Equipment replacement

Timely sleep apnea therapy equipment replacement is an important part of helping patients stay comfortable and compliant. Implementing a successful resupply program can help your patients have the best opportunity for successful therapy while increasing your revenue.

The best opportunity to begin a successful resupply program is to set expectations at the initial setup, when you educate your newest patients on the importance of replacing CPAP supplies and increasing their likelihood for successful compliance.

  • Take the time to explain how replacing supplies can improve the comfort and effectiveness of their therapy and that proper cleaning alone does not take the place of timely equipment replacement.
  • Let them know the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing masks and accessories, and remind them of their insurance coverage and eligibility.
  • Discuss how you’ll follow up with them and at what intervals—even suggest they mark their calendars. Setting their expectations at setup is critical to the long-term success of your program. Learn more about how to set up a successful resupply program