AirFit N30i Features

1. Flexible movement and connection - Simple quick-release elbow for easy connection and disconnection at night with 360o rotation for greater freedom of movement. 

2. Stable fit - Self-adjusting SpringFit frame is quick to fit and stays comfortably in place all night1, even when patients move in their sleep.

3. Built-in comfort - Soft, integrated sleeves complement the streamlined mask profile to create a softer, more comfortable experience for the patient.

4. Unobtrusive under-the-nose design - Discreet nasal cradle cushion sits below the nose, softening patient's perception of therapy while providing a stable seal. 

5. Supportive chassis - The integrated chassis provides additional support for front and side loads, allowing for a stable fit even for active sleepers.

6. Curved cushion design - The curved cushion design cradles the shape of the nose and smoothly transitions from thicker side walls for added stability, to a thinner soft centre giving comfort where it's needed most.

7. Septum bridge membrane - Ensures an intuitive fit and provides a stable seal2 all the way up to the tip of the nose through the night.



ResMed external 7 days clinical study of existing 24 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 21/02/2018 - 12/03/2018. Data on file; ID A4320645.


ResMed external fitting study of existing 37 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 09/04/2018 - 20/04/2018. Data on file; ID A4327753.