AirFit F30TM Features

1. One-size-fits-all headgear - Designed to contour to the patient's face for an accurate, first-time fit.

2. Ultra-compact cushion - Designed to seal surely at the bottom of the nose to help prevent nasal bridge discomfort and facial markings. Its smaller footprint compared to a traditional full face cushion delivers enhanced visual freedom, and less facial contact.

3. QuietAirTM vent technology - Gently diffuses exhaled air to minimise noise and disturbance.

4. Magnetic headgear clips - Guides the headgear to the frame to make putting on and taking off the mask easy.

5. Quick-release 360o elbow - Helps patients to easily disconnect and reconnect to therapy while the 360o rotation and tilting capability offers greater freedom of movement.

6. Frosted silicone surface - Provides a soft cushion texture around the sensitive nasal region for a comfortable1 seal and easy fit.

7. Polished silicone finish - Designed to seal around the mouth and jawline for a smooth and stable fit. 

8. Septum bridge membrane - Ensures an intuitive fit and provides a stable seal under the nose and around the mouth through the night.



ResMed external 7 days clinical study of existing 24 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 21/02/2018 - 12/03/2018. Data on file; ID A4320645.


ResMed external fitting study of existing 37 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 09/04/2018 - 20/04/2018. Data on file; ID A4327753.