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1031795 AirFit N20 Vid Fitting Glo (Trad)


AirFit N20 Classic - Sizing

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AirFit N20 Classic - Fitting


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AirFit F20 Vid Fitting Glo APAC


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AirFit F20 Managing Leaks I AirFit F20 Daily Cleaning Instructions I AirFit F20 Weekly Cleaning Instructions | AirFit F20 Assembly Instructions | AirFit F20 Disassembly Instructions

AirFit N20 Managing Leaks I AirFit N20 Daily Cleaning Instructions I AirFit N20 Weekly Cleaning Instructions | AirFit N20 Assembly Instructions | AirFit N20 Disassembly Instructions

AirFit N20 Classic Managing Leaks I AirFit N20 Classic Daily Cleaning Instructions I AirFit N20 Classic Weekly Cleaning Instructions | AirFit N20 Classic Assembly Instructions | AirFit N20 Classic Disassembly Instructions


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AirFit F20 Vid Assembly Glo


AirFit F20 Vid Disassembly Glo


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AirFit N20 - Disassembly

Sizing and fitting

AirFit N20, N20 Classic and AirFit F20 both have three interchangeable cushion sizes – small, medium and large.

The modular design of the masks means each size cushion easily clicks into the same mask frame, so you can swap between them with ease for more flexibility.

We recommend that you refer to the mask fitting template to gauge which size is the most suitable for each of your patients.

Download the AirFit N20 mask fitting template.

Download the AirFit N20 Classic mask fitting template.

Download the AirFit F20 mask fitting template..

30 day money back guarantee

We're so sure that your customers will love our AirFit 20 masks, that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied. Terms and conditions apply.

Download the: - Partner instructions - Patient Terms & Conditions - Returns form

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The following AirFit 20 series digital assets are available for you to use to promote the AirFit 20 range of masks from ResMed.

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To order stock of the new AirFit 20 series of masks and supporting materials, contact the ResMed ADC or login to the ResMed Online Store (ROS).