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ResMed Friends is about empowering you to live a healthier life through better rest. Your voucher entitles you to a 30% discount on all ResMed products in our online store.

You are also entitled to a 30% off discount on a Home Sleep Test to kick-start your journey to awaken your best.

Use the unique codes at the back of your voucher at checkout to enjoy your discount. 

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Sleep apnea affected 1 in 3 people. 

Are you one of them? Find out in less than 5 mins with this free sleep assessment.

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A home sleep study can determine if you have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea. It's a simple test that you can do yourself in the comfort of our own bed. Order yours today.

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Treating your sleep apnea can empower you to sleep sounder, awake brighter and live a healthier life.


Explore our full range of CPAP products to help you treat your sleep apnea.

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Discover the benefits to your brain and body of getting a good night's sleep.


Discover how to treat your insomnia so you can awaken at your best.


Say hello to a peaceful night's sleep by learning how to treat snoring.


Learn all about Sleep Apnea so you can awaken each day refreshed.

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