Better sleep is your passport to adventure

Whether you're spending two nights by the beach or a week in the country this summer, remember to take your sleep therapy gear with you. It may be one extra thing to pack, but getting healthy sleep is essential before any adventure – and indeed for a relaxing holiday.

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AirMini™ summer giveaway
From January 15 to February 15, anyone who buys an AirMini and registers it with sleepvantage® will receive a bonus travel bag and DC/DC converter.* Alongside an AirMini compatible mask, it's all you need for quality therapy when on the road.
ResMed AirMini
Smaller than any other PAP devices on the market, AirMini is designed for portability and top-quality therapy. It also exclusively features HumidX™** waterless humidification and smart control via the AirMini app.
Your bonus accessories
With the bonus travel bag and DC/DC converter, you'll be able to neatly pack your gear and use it almost anywhere, including in your car, boat or caravan. They're more than just practical accessories – they're liberating ones.

My sleep health journey

It's always a good time to check how well you're sleeping, especially if you're waking up tired or snoring. Better sleep leads to a life better lived. Your journey starts with these basic steps.

Kick off your sleep health journey with a free online sleep assessment.

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Try a home sleep test if your assessment shows a risk of poor sleep or sleep apnea.

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Tackle your sleep issues with our wide range of products, or book an appointment with a ResMed sleep coach.

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Travel tips

While it's great to get away once in a while, it's not excuse to take a break from sleep therapy. When travelling away, it's crucial to stick to it to maintain quality sleep and your physical health. Here are some articles that can help.

What do I need to know before I go travelling?
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Can I go camping with my therapy gear?
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What is a good travel-sized device?
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Purchase a ResMed AirMini device, register your purchase with sleepvantage to claim your bonus items

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*Terms and conditions apply. Customers must register their device purchased during the promo period with sleepvanatge by February 28, 2020, to qualify for the bonus travel bag and DC/DC converter. These items will be sent by March 31, 2020.
**Currently available for all compatible masks, excluding AirFit F30.