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Track your sleep with SleepScore™ app

A great day starts with a great night's sleep.

There’s nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start a new day.

Just like a wholesome diet and regular exercise, getting enough sleep is an essential part of looking after your overall health.

But, how do you judge the quality of your sleep? Your SleepScore™ can help you.

Use the SleepScore app to track your sleep patterns every night to help you get the sleep you need. Measuring your breath and body movements, you’ll receive details about each stage of your sleep in a score calculated from 0-100.

Tracking your sleep and making improvements along the way can help you to get enough quality sleep so you can awaken your best everyday.  

Read more about how the SleeepScore app works or download today.  

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SleepScore app