Your ultimate Sleep
challenge tip 6

Great work so far! Hopefully you have been sticking to the past tips, and these have helped improve your sleep. Hopefully you are already feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day!


Now our 6th Sleep challenge tip for you is...

Clear your mind

One of the most common problems for people with sleep issues is not being able to turn off their busy minds.

Write it down!

For this challenge we want you to sit down for 10 minutes this evening writing down all your current worries.  Write a possible solution beside each one. Your mind will be satisfied that you’ve got them worked out. This will reduce your need to churn them over when you should be sleeping.

Do some mindfulness meditation.

When you get into bed, spend a few minutes on some mindfulness meditation. This is a simple practise that enables you to stay in the present moment.

There are pillows available, such as the DreamPad, contain tiny speakers so you can lull yourself to sleep faster with music only you can hear.

After you’ve got comfortable in bed, start systematically tensing and releasing each of your muscles moving down your body. If you’re having trouble starting somewhere, a good tip is to scrunch up your face and then relax it! This feeling can then be repeated down your body. Try and stay in your body. Focus your mind on your breathing and if any thoughts come into your mind don’t attach to them.

Instead focus back onto the sound and the feeling of your breathing and having your body slowly stretch and decompress. Meditation takes a little while to get used to but practice makes perfect.

Hope this helps you get your sweet dreams!

Good luck and keep an eye on your inbox for your next sleep tip.

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