Rest Up challenge

Welcome to Rest Up 2020 or 6 weeks of better sleep! Rest Up is about launching you into spring feeling refreshed, renewed and reawakened. All we’re asking you to do is prioritise sleep and commit to a small change to your sleep habits. It could be as simple as getting into bed 30 minutes earlier or aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. The aim is to turn every September into ‘Sleeptember’.

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My sleep health journey

It's always a good time to check how well you're sleeping, especially if you're waking up tired or snoring. Better sleep leads to a life better lived. Your journey starts with these basic steps.

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Before you set your goals, take a free sleep assessment to figure out what aspect of sleep you need to improve. And right now, until September 30, everyone who completes the sleep assessment will receive a special offer on all sleep health products and home sleep tests to help get their rest up.
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Rest Up blogs
Every week for Rest Up, we’ll be sharing a new in-depth sleep insight to help you improve your sleep skills. Bookmark this page, and follow us on each of our social media accounts to stay motivated with the latest sleep health news and content.
5 ways to optimise your bedroom for restorative sleep
The most important place in your house is neither the kitchen nor the bathroom. It's the bedroom. The bedroom is where you start and end your day – and where you sleep, rest and re-energise for the next one.
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Prioritise rest over recreation during your next getaway
With international travel at a standstill and domestic travel reduced by interstate lockdowns, you might be wondering why we're talking about sleep and travel.
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Let music carry you into slumber
We've all nodded off to music before, so why not use it help you fall sound asleep? It's nothing new, of course.
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Rest Up this spring with ResMed
Like the dew of a new day or sunrise of a new year, your body and mind are programmed by evolution to sense the awakening spring air.
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Think big, start small

If 6 weeks or a whole month seems a bit daunting, don’t despair. We’ve teamed with Nova and smoothfm radio in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to make it fairly easy. Together, we’ve developed a short 14-day Sleep Challenge starting August 31. There’re daily tips and prizes to win, so you have all the inspiration you need. At the end of it, you might even be ready to tackle the ‘rest’ of the month.

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Win a bedroom makeover

If you make an effort to revamp your sleep, we can help revamp your bedroom. As part of Rest Up and the 14-day Sleep Challenge, we’re giving away 3 bedroom makeovers on top of daily prizes to help you sleep better. Visit Nova or smoothfm from August 31st, and describe in 25 words or less your routine to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep diary

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, no one is perfect when it comes to sleep. That's why anyone can take the Rest Up challenge, including us. So, taking our own advice, our staff will be joining the challenge to improve their sleep. To hear what we tried and how we snoozed, follow us on Twitter to read our sleep diary.

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