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Everything you need to know about using and maintaining your AirMiniTM automatic cpap machine. 


AirMini user guide

Before you start using your AirMini automatic cpap machine we recommend you read the user guide. It covers everything you need to know about using, cleaning, and maintaining your machine.

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AirMini support videos

These short videos show you how to set up, clean, and fit the HumidX humidification system for your AirMini machine.  

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Download the AirMini App

The AirMini App helps ensure you are swiftly setup for therapy – with guided setup videos and daily sleep scores always just a menu screen away.

Download the AirMini app to your smartphone to manage your comfort settings and view your therapy progress. 

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Need more help - Call us on 1800 737 633 or find your local ResMed store or accredited partner to make an appointment for a fitting. 

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