How do I get the right fit on my AirFit F30 full face mask?

  1. Twist and pull both magnetic clips away from the mask frame.
  2. Place the ultra-compact cushion under your nose and ensure it sits comfortably against your face. With the ResMed logo on the headgear facing up, pull the headgear over your head.
  3. Bring the lower headgear straps behind your ears and attach the magnetic headgear clips to the mask frame.
  4. Undo the fastening tabs on the upper headgear strap and pull evenly. Repeat with the lower headgear straps.
  5. If the headgear is too close to your ears, adjust the top headgear strap.
  6. Connect the device air tubing to the elbow and attach the elbow to the mask, ensuring that it clicks in place.

These instructions are for general information purpose only. For full details consult the user guide.