Why is there a gurgling sound in the tube and condensation building up in the mask?

A gurgling sound in the tube could be something known as CPAP Rainout - which you can prevent.

Are you currently experiencing a gurgling sound coming from your CPAP machine and noticing water condensation in your tubing and mask?

If so it is likely due to something known as CPAP Rainout.

CPAP Rainout occurs when the air travelling through the hose of your machine is warmer than the temperature of your room. This causes condensation to build up in both the tubing of your machine and your mask.

As a result, you may experience a gurgling noise (caused by air passing through the wet tubing of your machine) and notice moisture build-up in your mask. This can be quite uncomfortable and can lead to having a poorer night’s sleep.

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to prevent this:

  • Decrease the humidity level of your humidifier: By decreasing the humidity level, your humidifier will be producing less moisture. This will reduce the likelihood of condensation occurring in your mask or tubing.
    (If you need any assistance in adjusting your humidity level, contact 1800 737 633 to talk to one of our friendly staff).
  • Use a heated tube: Heated tubing can be helpful to keep the moist air coming from your humidifier at a consistent temperature as it travels through the tubing to your mask. If the temperature of the air remains constant during this time, then it is less likely to be converted into water droplets.
  • Insulate your tubing: Wrapping the tubing of your machine with something like a tubing wrap can be useful in preventing CPAP Rainout. Otherwise, you can try keeping the tubing of your machine underneath the covers of your bed while you sleep at night.
  • Increase the temperature of your room: By adjusting the ambient temperature of your room you may be able to prevent this issue from occurring. This can be as simple as turning the heater on to warm up the room a little before heading to bed.

    As you may expect, CPAP rainout is more likely to occur during the colder months as the temperature begins to fall – so be wary about this happening during autumn and winter when things start to get cooler.

    For further assistance please contact 1800 737 633.