Why is there a cost difference between similar products sold in Australia and the United States?

The cost of ResMed products can vary across countries and regions of the world due to a number of factors.

The difference in healthcare systems in each country plays a major role in determining product prices within that country. The US government recognises the health consequence of untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and subsidises OSA therapy. Americans with health insurance may have their entire treatment costs covered. Accordingly, awareness of the condition is high, with product sales levels over 60 times higher than in Australia. As a result, prices in the US are lower because it is a high-volume, low-service environment.

In Australia, treatment for OSA is not fully reimbursed. You may only be entitled to claim part of the costs if your health insurance covers it. Fortunately, awareness of the severity of the condition is growing. ResMed regularly lobbies the government to subsidise OSA treatment, and if you’d like to help raise awareness you can also lobby your Local MP for OSA subsidies. Lower awareness means lower diagnosis rates and lower product sales within Australia, which impacts on cost. However, we are fortunate to have a higher level of service for Australian customers.

However, purchasing the ideal therapy device and mask is only part of what you need to successfully treat your OSA and enhance your health.
Having knowledgeable, trained experts on-hand together with receiving reliable after-sales service, ensures you get the support you need in adapting to treatment and achieving maximum results. Treatment for sleep apnea is not simple and requires ongoing consultation with your GP, specialist or clinically trained equipment provider. It is important that you receive ongoing advice and support to successfully adapt to treatment and start experiencing results.

ResMed’s Australian pricing generally offers you:

  • Reliable ‘before and after’ sales service (which covers education and awareness, support, mask selection, fittings and adjustments, setting up, and trialling new devices and masks for compatibility).
  • Additional follow-up consultations to monitor your treatment progress, after-sales service, warranties and repairs.
  • Access to the sleepvantage™ member support program, designed to support you on your sleep therapy journey.

So when you purchase a ResMed product within Australia, not only are you receiving equipment from a recognised world leading sleep specialist, you’re purchasing real peace of mind too.