Why can ResMed’s products sometimes cost more than competitors’?

ResMed products are designed to last, are user-friendly and engineered for ease-of-use.

Quality is embedded into the culture, systems and testing methods of ResMed, as is a commitment to listen and act on patient feedback to continually improve and enhance products.

We test in much tougher situations than would typically be experienced in a patient’s home. For example, we conduct extensive testing of therapy devices and components to ensure their reliability and endurance beyond a product’s anticipated life-cycle—so you can rest assured your therapy device will deliver quality treatment every night.

Customer evaluation of ResMed products during development is conducted regularly. Feedback from user evaluations, focus groups and market research ensures that ResMed hears the voice of the customer on satisfaction, comfort, mask fit and therapy deliverability. So if it is a ResMed product, you know it has been cleverly engineered, proven, and rigorously tested for durability, reliability, and performance.

ResMed is justifiably proud of the state-of-the-art facilities in Australia, where many of the products are manufactured. A dedicated and technically-skilled workforce uses the highest-quality local and imported parts to produce products worthy of bearing the ResMed name.